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Air Conditioning Repair Abilene Tx | Air Conditioner Making Noises?

This content was written for Olympus Electric and Air.

Are you looking for air conditioning repair Abilene Tx? Has your air conditioning system started making noises recently? Are you tired of not being able to sleep at night with that noisy unit? If so then give Olympus Electric and Air a call today to come diagnose the problem, and offer the best solutions to get rid of those loud noises coming from your HVAC system. Get ready to sleep in peace and quiet tonight!

There are many reasons why your air conditioning system could be making unpleasant noises. Some can be a small harmless problem while others could turn into big problems for your heating and air conditioning system as well as your wallet if the problem is not fixed in a timely manner. One example of a simple to fix noise problem is a dirty fan blower wheel caused from a build up of dust, lent, or debris over time causing the blower wheel to become unbalanced and start vibrating. A simple solution to this problem would be opening your air handler and cleaning off the blades of the blower wheel by hand and vacuuming it out, and in some cases the blower assembly has to be completely removed from the unit in order to properly remove all debris. If your having noise problems at your outdoor condenser it could be that your condenser is unlevel causing it to vibrate. Olympus Electric and Air can help night or day fix those pesky noise problems.

Before you get caught up needing to call for air conditioning repair Abilene Tx call Olympus Electric and Air to sign up on one of our maintenance programs. With our maintenance programs we come out to your house twice a year at a discounted price. Once in the spring and once in the fall to thoroughly check over your HVAC system and perform preventative maintenance so keep your system going strong. We will go through your system top to bottom with our full checklist to insure we don’t miss anything. When we are done we go over our easy to understand checklist with you to explain everything that is going on with your system including age, condition of every part, refrigerant levels, recommendations for any parts that are bad or going bad. As a bonus for signing up on our maintenance program we offer discounts on any parts needed.

When your in need of air conditioning repair Abilene Tx know that Olympus will always answer the phone ready to help you with your problem 24/7. No other company can beat our customer service, honesty, affordable pricing, 48 hour scheduling guarantee, and knowing how to explain everything to you in a way that everyone can easily understand. When we are crawling under your house or in your attic if we see potential problems of any kind weather it be leaky plumbing, termite or rodent damage, structural problems or any other issues we make sure to let you know so you can get them taken care of. That’s just one of the many ways Olympus goes above and beyond to serve you as our customer.

So if you’re looking for a company that’s going to serve you 24/7 for small jobs or big jobs look no further than Olympus Electric and Air. Get ready to sign up for a maintenance program for those huge discounts. Wait no more get your phone out and call us to schedule your appointment within 48 hours or less.