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Nick Webb - HVAC License: TACLA81828E
Danjel Watson - Electrical License: TECL32579

Air Conditioning Repair Abilene TX | The Best Around

This content was written for Olympus Electric & Air

Are you looking for quick yet quality service in air conditioning repair abilene tx companies? Are you tired of getting the runaround from other companies? Are you tired of hidden costs and fees? If you have ever thought that these questions apply to you, give Olympus Electric and Air a call today! You can call us or visit our website to speak with a technician today. In this article you will read why we think we can offer the best solutions to the above questions. If you are interested in how you can avoid any company with the questions from above, keep reading and you will learn the solutions we offer to them.

One of our keys to success is our quality service work. Have you ever had a company promise you the moon, yet only deliver sub-par service? We have, and we hate it. That is why we strive to make sure every customer receives the same quality of work no matter the size of the job. If you are looking for the best quality of work, and best satisfaction out of any air conditioning repair company in town, go ahead and give us a call to speak to one of our certified technicians.

Here at Olympus we offer several different services. In particular we offer duct cleanings, coil cleanings, and carbon monoxide checks. Do you notice that you are dusting more than normal, or even sneezing more? With a duct cleaning we will clean each individual duct so that any particles remaining in your ducts causing any kind of allergies is removed. Do you ever smell a strong mildew smell you cannot get rid of? We can help with that, simply by cleaning the coil. Cleaning the coil will remove anything stuck in the fins that are causing a smell, it also helps increase air flow and efficiency of the entire system. Do you ever worry about the age of your gas furnace? Well worry no more, we offer carbon monoxide checks as part of a routine maintenance. In the check we check for actual carbon monoxide and do a visual check on the heater exchanger for cracks. If we detect a crack then there will be carbon monoxide detected.

With so many other air conditioning repair abilene tx companies offering duct cleanings, most of them are sub-par. Here at Olympus we offer one of the best in the business. We send our technicians to the manufacturer of our equipment to get proper training on how to use it and perform with it. After each cleaning we have a quality inspection to make sure it is done properly. We also seal every crack and crevice to ensure that excess dust does not penetrate the system. Ensuring we do quality work, we offer a 6 month warranty on any cleaning. If you need a cleaning ASAP do not wait any longer and give us a call to ensure that your air conditioning system is in tip top shape.

If you are looking for the best quality work on any part of your air conditioning system, make no mistake. Call Olympus Electric and air to ensure you speak with trained technicians that will do you right.