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Air Conditioning Repair Abilene TX | It’s cold air

This content was written for Olympus Electric & Air

Have you ever felt like you were paying too much for any air conditioning repair abilene tx? Have you paid for a repair and it immediately breaks? Has there been any hidden cost from other contracts after repairs were made? Here at Olympus we keep our prices low, so any customer on any budget can afford to be comfortable. We also warranty our work so that we ensure that our repairs will last. We also have transparent pricing, so that there is no shell shock when it comes time to pay your bill. If you have experienced anything like this and would like to have our easy solutions, give Olympus Electric and Air a call to speak with a certified technician.

The main thing that differs us from the competition is our transparent pricing. We do not like to put hidden cost in our services. You will know anything you are paying for before any work is completed. We also warranty any work. Most companies around town you have an “at the door warranty”. Here at Olympus we give you a minimum 6 month warranty on any service you receive. It is our mission to make sure that any customer we have is comfortable in their home.

Another reason doing business with Olympus Electric and Air is the variety of services we offer. For example we offer ultraviolet lights, high efficiency filters, and surge protection just to name a few. Do you have severe allergies, or prone to getting sick? This is where an ultraviolet light would be perfect in your home. They actually sanitize the air you breathe down to the molecule, including the flu virus. We typically like to pair our ultraviolet lights with the duct cleans i have stated in other articles, but on top of that we also like to pair them with the high efficiency filters. With the filters, which are once a year instead of once a month, they filter the dust and gunk out of the air catching up to 99.9% of anything that comes across it. Improving the air you breathe and the cleanliness of your system. Surge protection is highly recommended for any system. Everyone will put surge protection on their TV’s and computers, but why not your air conditioning system. These systems can cost anywhere from five to ten times as much, so I would recommend protecting them.

With the wide variety of air conditioning repair abilene tx companies in town, there are several reasons that you should pick Olympus Electric and Air. You can look at our Google and Facebook reviews to see a lot more examples. First and foremost though we offer hands down the best customer service there is. That is not an understatement. Our technicians are trained to have the best customer service there is and will not leave your home until you are 100% satisfied. Second we commend ourselves on our 24/7 service guarantee. So when your family is having a comfort emergency we do not rest until the problem is resolved.

If after reading this article you are still questioning who to call, give us a try and we will make sure that you are 100% satisfied in your comfort emergency. We have endless options and will not push any unwanted sales on you, while staying within your budget. Again give us a call at Olympus Electric and Air for yours and your family’s comfort, you will not regret it.