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HVAC Service

What does HVAC mean to your air conditioning repair Abilene TX? Why is it important to you? Is there some kind of maintenance you should be doing to keep things running smoothly? These are all questions that we’ll answer for you, but most importantly, you need to know why you should schedule a semi-annual maintenance with Olympus electric & air as soon as you can! It’s good to know that your HVAC system is your heating, ventilation and air conditioning, however it doesn’t stop there! This always includes anything that has to do with keeping air quality of your house, the air purifiers, heat pump, and boiler!

Spending less on energy bills – Just because right off the bat, there may not be any strange sounds or extravagant issues manifesting themselves in your HVAC system does NOT mean that there isn’t any maintenance work to be done or an air conditioning repair Abilene TX needed. There are a few ways to find out whether you need some serious maintenance work done. One of the biggest ways to find this out is to keep a close eye on your energy bills, are they raising for no apparent reason? This could very well be due to the lack of efficiency that has slowly crept it’s way into the system. The same way that a new car may start off at 20 miles a gallon, after a few years of usage it can get dragged down to 15 miles a gallon. Let’s make sure that we’re really keeping your HVAC system as efficient as possible.

Repairing less – Have you recently heard some cacophonies resounding through your vents? Or perhaps a rowdy tune coming from the furnace? One of the first things that should come to your mind is to call Olympus electric & air without delay. These are the kinds of sounds that are warnings to a much higher fix later and a potential air conditioning repair Abilene TX. Don’t let the rambunctious sounds become part of your everyday life until you’re forced to fix it at outrageous cost due to your own procrastination. In fact, it never hurts to get a quick check done by Olympus electric & air the next time we’re in your house! Preventing further damage is one of the biggest benefits in addressing those issues immediately.

Breakdowns – Just as everyone is always thinking at the back of their mind “Is a fully functioning heating and cooling system year round too much to ask for?”. The unfortunate short answer to that is yes, you’ll most likely need a air conditioning repair Abilene TX. However if you are taking proper care of your system year round, than your wish has been granted! Let me level with you though, we understand the pain and the large amount of discomfort you get when the peak of the Abilene summer kicks in and your AC decides to kick back for a nap. Or even the other end of the spectrum, when it’s below freezing outside, and the heating system decides it’s been “working” hard enough so it blows out. All these blow outs and catastrophes happen at the worst time of the year because it’s when they’re working the hardest. This is exactly what Olympus electric & air is looking to help you avoid due to your scheduled maintenance!

Long lasting system – All of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system works much better and efficiently when it is serviced on a continual basis. This means that waiting until things begin to fail when you need the air conditioning repair Abilene TX is already too late. A maintenance bill is much less costly than an emergency repair! As soon as one part of the system begins to fail, this is can easily cause the rest of it to begin do the same, and soon enough you find yourself with everything broken down! With our check ups and scheduled maintenance, you’ll notice that your equipment will finally become the long lasting system it was designed to be!

Safety for everyone – We’ve talked tremendously about the importance of maintaining your HVAC system, the major costs it could result in and the air conditioning repair Abilene TX, however that’s far from all it could do. Lack of maintenance could even result in harming your anyone living in your house. We’re not here to have you begin questioning the safety of your family, however carbon monoxide leaks are a real possibility! Even in an electrical system, there are potential fire hazards that can be avoided by giving your HVAC system the attention it deserves. We understand that it can seem difficult sometimes to squeeze in a annual maintenance into your budget, however a breakdown is much more difficult to plan for! In fact, these things always happen when it’s the most inconvenient.

Why can’t I just maintain it myself?
We know with this day and age, everyone has a degree on Youtube, or at least think that this grants them the experience and knowledge that it took the real experts to achieve several years! Don’t kid yourself, just because you’ve watched a few videos doesn’t mean you should be taking upon yourself the task of tuning up the entire system and doing your own air conditioning repair Abilene TX. Do yourself a favor and lets keep this for the pros. We don’t want you to put yourself in a bad spot, endangering you or your family. However there are some tasks and habits that you can throw in your routine that will definitely help prevent certain repairs.

The next time we’re in your house feel free to ask our team for any tips or advice that will help keep your HVAC system in good health. It’s important to remember that these systems are sometimes running 24/7 for weeks! It’s normal for something to run that hard and long to undergo some issues at some point, it’s the same reason your car needs an oil change, new tires, antifreeze, and a whole lot more as part of its annual maintenance! It’s doing a lot of work, don’t beat yourself up if you’re thinking it was because you did something wrong. We can guarantee that things will never break down and your system will be flawless till the day you depart, however regular maintenance will greatly increase the chances of your system running smoothly year round!

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