Contractors License Numbers
Nick Webb - HVAC License: TACLA81828E
Danjel Watson - Electrical License: TECL32579



Electrical Upgrades are specifically one those easily neglected services that many residents don’t know they need until we do it for them. You might be asking yourself if you really should be contacting Abilene electricians, wondering if you are in need of an electrical upgrade? There are  two strong indicators that show you are due for an electrical upgrade. One of them is when you have a few lights on, and you begin to notice a slight dimming when you turn on an appliance. This dimming of the lights or even flickering that occurs when turning on appliances is due to the lack of energy stored. We can help with that. Another reason to consider an electrical upgrade is when you’re faced with extension cords and power strips everywhere in order to reach all of your devices. It can feel like a challenge to find a new outlet without tripping over the other three extensions during you search. Let’s get that sorted out and make things easier for you.

First off, it’s better to take care of these issues sooner than later. Although these may not be the most pressing matters, you’ll be very thankful after you experience the benefits of electrical upgrades. And secondly, our team is intentional about making the best recommendations for you and your wallet. It’s important for us to make recommendations that will benefit you the most, and along the way we love to educate our customers on other possibilities for improving their lifestyle. Serving you the best way possible is always our top priority.


Have you recently reached over to unplug an appliance and felt a slight shock? Maybe you needed to swap it out for another outlet because one of them stopped working entirely! This sounds like it might be time for the Abilene electricians, Olympus electric and air, to come by and tell you more about our electrical repair services. These are some of the common issues we can help solve for you. I would definitely encourage you to give us a call, even if you’re not really sure if it’s electrical related. We offer 24 hours a day and 7 days a week service, 24/7! We will be glad to take your call anytime and check on your electrical repair needs. You can count on our team!


When thinking of the Abilene electricians and HVAC experts, Olympus electric and air, it’s easy to forget we offer such a wide variety of services. So take a moment to write down our number and bookmark this page so you’re ready to call us the next time you’re need of repair or maintenance for your air conditioning system. We can confidently tell you that we can make sure your AC is running all season long with minimal interruptions. Because we know when any kind of problem arises, we can take care of it because we do it all, everything from drain line inspections all the way to ductwork repair.

It’s also important to keep in mind that we offer these services at a 24/7 availability as Abilene electricians without any additional fees. We want to make sure that we can take care of you, your AC needs, as promptly as possible. These are just some of the ways we love to use our services to provide exceptional service to Abilene. In fact, we have a guarantee, if we don’t get you scheduled within 48 hours then we will entirely waive the call out fee!


AC repairs are easily one of those things that are on everyone’s high priority list. When anyone’s AC system isn’t properly functioning in the dead hot summer, you tend to call the first HVAC contractor you manage to get a hold of without thinking twice! Now is the time to consider a few things, after one too many repairs, it might be time for a new air conditioning system altogether. This will be more costly than a conventional AC repair, but it’s difficult to ignore the benefits of a strong performing and reliable air condition system during the hottest days of the year.

Our technicians have much experience both as Abilene electricians and also in air conditioning. The team would be glad to inspect your air conditioning system so we can prevent the next break down. We can both agree, preventative inspections are much more preferred than emergencies. So whether you need a quick fix to get it up and running as quick as possible, or a thorough inspection to prevent more problems, we can take care of it all. Please don’t hesitate to call soon, and feel free to ask more questions about any sort of AC issues you think you may already be noticing!


While most people tend to keep a close eye on their HVAC system, they seem to forget about an essential part in maintaining the comfort of their home, insulation! When a structure is properly insulated, it will allow it to take a large strain off of your heating and air conditioning system as it will help keep the hot or cold air from escaping. Essentially, this results in you having to pay less for your energy bills! There are many benefits in making sure your structure is properly insulated.

This is easily one of the more neglected services since most residents aren’t typically thinking of the condition of their insulation. However, Olympus Electric and air, Abilene Electricians and air conditioning experts, would love to inspect your attic or even your commercial property to make sure everything is in shape. When our experts come your way, they will be glad to explain exactly what they are inspecting and how they are determining whether you need your insulation replaced or not. When they begin the process, they’ll find out how much they will need to install and then begin to install the spray-in attic insulation. Please feel free to call us and have us inspect your living space as soon as you have a moment! Let’s see how much we can save on your energy bills!

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